In late September 2017, the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) announced a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). The proposed NPRM to part 547 technical standards amends the Class II technical standards to remove the sunset date for the operation of certain Class II gaming systems and permits the continued operation of “grandfathered gaming systems” with added safeguards to ensure the security of the systems and protection of the public and the gaming operation.

The highlights of the proposed rule include:

  • Removal of the November 10, 2008, sunset for systems manufactured before November 10, 2008, that have not already been made fully compliant with part 547;
  • Requires Tribes to conduct an annual review of 2008 systems to determine whether such systems may be approved pursuant to the standards for newer systems; and
  • Requires all system modifications be submitted to a testing laboratory for testing to the standards for newer systems and that Tribal Gaming Regulatory Authorities may approve modifications that either advance or maintain system compliance.

The proposed rule ensures the integrity and security of Class II gaming through minimum technical standards for Class II gaming systems and equipment.

Read the NIGC News Release

Read the Federal Register Technical Standards: A Proposed Rule by the National Indian Gaming Commission on 09/28/2017

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