In mid-November 2017, the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) announced a Notice of New Proposed Fee Rates regarding the frequency and timing of its announcement of fees pursuant to 25 CFR Part 514. In prior years, the NIGC set the preliminary fee rate by March 1st and the final fee rate by June 1st of each year. The new proposed rule will change the frequency and timing of the fee rate announcements so the NIGC sets one final fee rate adoption no later than November 1st of each year.

The proposed rule will define the fiscal year of the gaming operating that will be used for calculating the fee payments and will include additional revisions intended to clarify the fee calculation and submission process.

The highlights of the proposed rule include:

  • Fee Rate Adoption;
  • Assessed Fiscal Year;
  • Ceasing Operations; and
  • Fingerprint Processing Fees.


Read the NIGC News Release

Read the Federal Register Proposed Rule: Fees; Correction

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