Sometimes education and in-class training must be supplemented with hands-on training. At BlueBird, we understand that you can’t retain everything you hear. Actually applying what you have learned in a “hands on” situation results in greater retention and long-term success. Internal controls are a great example of this. You can have the best written internal controls but unless staff is properly trained they mean very little. We provide a variety of training and consulting services to Tribal Governments and Casinos.

Revenue Audit Training

It is imperative that your Revenue Auditors are trained properly.  A Revenue Auditor’s job responsibilities range from reconciling departmental receipts to performing audits on each operational department.  Due to the impact of improper cash receipt reconciliations, discrepancy investigations and all other functions performed by the revenue auditor, these individuals need to have strong backgrounds.  That is where we can help; members of our firm have worked as Revenue Auditors for large Casinos as well as governmental agencies.  Due to their extensive knowledge in these areas, they have in-depth knowledge of the critical role these employees play in your organization.  We can perform training that will help these employees perform to the best of their ability, ultimately benefiting your organization.

Temporary Finance Staffing

In this constantly changing economy, the needs of your employees are also changing. As a result, there may be situations in which your organization will experience key position turnover. Our firm can provide you with temporary staffing for these positions to mitigate any interruptions in your daily procedures and work flow. This will not only save your organization money, but will also provide you with the resources necessary to search for your ideal candidate while the day-to-day functions of your organization continue uninterrupted.

Organizational Assessment

The cornerstone to any organization is its organizational chart. This provides a clear picture of the chain of command within the organization. Often times, Casinos and their entities undergo numerous restructures as the organization grows and subsequently, outgrows its organizational chart. We are able to come to your organization and perform detailed observations and engage in discussions with employees while gathering the necessary information to recreate an accurate organizational chart. This is then provided to you with job descriptions specific to your organization. With this tool in place, your organization will be able to continue moving forward while maintaining a solid infrastructure.

Internal Control Documentation

An accurate internal control document is the foundation to an organization’s health.  Internal controls are a means by which an organization’s resources are directed, monitored, and measured.  They play an important role in preventing and detecting fraud. BlueBird, recommends a periodic review of the Internal Control document.  We will help ensure that your internal control documentation reflects best practices as well as continued compliance with new regulations. COSO, a widely-used framework related to Internal Control, defines these five most important components related to Internal Control documentation.

  1. The control environment sets the tone for the organization.  It is the foundation for all the other components of the Internal Control and influences the control consciousness of the people within the organization.
  2. Risk assessment forms the basis for how risks should be managed based on the identification and analysis of relevant risks.
  3. The information and communication systems or processes support the identification, capture, and exchange of information in a time frame and form which enables employees to carry out their responsibilities.
  4. Control activities help ensure that management derivatives are carried out.
  5. The monitoring processes are used to assess the quality of Internal Control performance over periods of time. We can perform a review of your current Internal Control documentation, compare it to your actual policies and procedures, and can additionally perform an entire re-draft of your operational controls.

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