Services Overview

At BlueBird, providing audit and consulting services to Tribal governments and related enterprises is the foundation of our firm. We believe that the following are the foundation to providing exceptional customized services:

On Time

The key to success on any engagement is getting the job done on time. At BlueBird, we have a proven track record of meeting Federal, State, and other regulatory or internal submission deadlines.


Communication is paramount to the success of any audit or consulting engagement. In order to ensure regular communication, our partners are dedicated to client communication, scheduling, communication of findings, resolution of issues, or simply to listen to our clients’ concerns.


The partners at BlueBird believe that hiring the best in the industry adds the most value to your audit and consulting engagements. Our staff not only has direct industry experience but also dedicates all of their time to Tribal Governments, casinos and related enterprises.


Often the purpose of an audit might simply be to meet Federal, State, and other regulatory guidelines; however, we believe the true value of an audit is in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our clients’ operations.

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