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Continuing professional education is the key to the development of qualified employees within the Tribal government and casino. Without continuing education, key staff may be uninformed of current trends and issues within both government and gaming, specifically as it relates to changes in technology, new accounting pronouncements, and changes in federal and state compliance requirements.

BlueBird provides national and customized education/seminars for Tribes and Tribal Enterprises with a special emphasis on Tribal Gaming. In addition to the 8-10 national training sessions conducted annually on a regional basis, the firm can tailor any program specifically to your location and save you considerable out-of-pocket costs. Each of our educational programs is delivered by a seasoned BlueBird professional with over 10+ years of direct experience in the industry (See Our Firm – Partners).

Available Topics

The list below is representative of our current seminar topics. Each program can be combined with others to give you the specific topics and timeframe you desire as an alternative to simply selecting a pre-determined two day national program designed for a more diverse audience. If you don’t see a topic of interest, call us to discuss and we will develop something completely new for you.

  • Accounting for Free Play and Complimentaries
  • Advanced Internal Auditing
  • Benchmarking Casino Performance – Using Egghart Industry Insights Budgeting and Financial Reporting
  • Calculating NIGC and State Compact Fees
  • Casino Accounting and Compliance
  • Casino Oversight Reporting – Understanding On-line Systems
  • Conducting Fraud Investigations and Interviewing Techniques
  • Developing the Revenue Audit Function
  • Enterprise Risk Management for Gaming Operations
  • Gaming and Accounting Fraud
  • Gaming Machine Math and Analysis
  • Governmental Accounting Annual Update
  • Implementing CGCC-8 MICS and Safe Harbor Provisions
  • Implementing the AICPA Audit Guide
  • Implementing the Class II MICS
  • Internal Audit Symposium – Best Practices for Today’s Internal Auditor
  • Internal Controls – Best Practices
  • Money Laundering Detection and Prevention
  • Resort and Casino Internal Controls – Beyond the Minimums
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting
  • Understanding Cage Operations and Procedures
  • Understanding Financial Statements for Governmental Officials
  • Understanding Internal Audit – The Role of Commission and Management
  • Understanding Tribal Financial Statements

Current National Seminar Schedule

To view our continually updated list of upcoming seminars and events, please click here.

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