The Tribal Gaming Protection Network (TGPN) held several speaking sessions at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention in Phoenix, Arizona regarding: Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at Your Casino Part 1-2, Indian Gaming and Fed OSHA Part 1-2, and Preparing Your Commission for an Effective Investigation.

TGPN is NIGA Chairman Steven’s initiative to share intelligence information with Tribes to protect them from outside or inside influences that could harm Tribes. TGPN serves as NIGA’s protective arm for Indian Country, but above all, it has become and information resource for all Tribes. TGPN started with sharing intelligence on cheats and scams but has since began to encompass the following subjects: Regulating Mixed Martial Arts (Combative Sports), Tort Claims, Investigations, IT Red Flags, Financial Fraud, etc. Andrew Hofstetter serves as the committee’s Chairman.

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