2016 Indian Gaming Revenues Increased 4.4%

The National Indian Gaming Commission recently released the Fiscal Year 2016 Gross Gaming Revenue numbers. The revenues totaled $31.2 billion, an increase of 4.4%. NIGC Chair, Jonodev O. Chaudhuri, contributes the increase to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act’s promotion of tribal self-determination principles. Revenues are calculated based on 484 audited financial statements, comprised of 244 federally recognized Tribes across 28 states. The increase of each NIGC administrative region are as follows:

  • Sacramento Region 6.3%
  • Oklahoma City Region 5.7%
  • Portland Region 5.1%
  • Phoenix Region 4.4%
  • Tulsa Region 4.0%
  • Washington, DC Region 3.8%
  • St. Paul Region 1.1%

Read the NIGC News Article


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